Audio Post-production

Recently established, Oddvisionary Entertainment created his own professional audio post-production studio
to push the story-telling experience further through sound. Oddvisionary Studio offers a full range of post-audio
services from sound recording to final master for cinema, TV, video-games and more.

Our Editorial department (Dialogue Editing, Sound Effects Editing and any other audio editing) helps to support the story-telling of any projects.

With our powerful self-built computer (more powerful than casual industrial computers) we can handle hundreads to thousands of tracks and audio files without any DSP power and provide quality Stereo & Surround mix using quality calibrated sound system at high Sample/Bit rate. After years of analyzing and learning mixing we tried many solutions to improve the worklow, quality and sound-experience. We provide re-recording mixing service for small or big projects from feature film, series, documentary to a short-film or commercial.

At Oddvisionary Studio, “stock effect” or external library from internet are never used. We have a strong philospohy and basic principles to create our own sound using our own audio-equipment with some of the best and most professional microphones, recorders and accessories available.

All sounds are recorded and/or designed from field recording sessions from all around the world, or recorded in studio, to create and provide authentic, unique, original and quality sound made sur-mesure for each projects.
We have our own Sound Library recorded, designed and mastered at 96/192Khz/32bit that contains thousands of sound effects such as Ambiences (City/Streets, Natural environnement, People Crowd…) – Animals & Creatures (dogs, monsters, zombies, dragons but not Godzilla) – Explosions & Impacts, Science Fiction (Spaceship, UI, Robots…) Debris & Desctruction, Objects (Radio, Doors, Toys…) – Foley (Footsteps, Clothes, human sounds, weapons…) and many more, all in 24bit/96Khz (up to 192Khz) and 32bit.

We are continuously recording new sound effects and growing up our own Sound Library – Read our blog and follow us on our Social Networks for making-of or BTS (behind the scenes).

In the exemple bellow, the Footsteps are recorded without any ambiences, in studio or in the field. They are isolated from any external noise. The ambiences are added over the Footsteps for the demo.

We do not only record sound effects but also do Field Recording. They are longer, mostly ambiences and from all the world. We use professional microphones and pre-amps/recorders always in high quality 24bit/96Khz up to 192Khz for endless hours of field recording sessions such as Forest Life, Beach Ambiences, City Ambiences to the weirdest place like a factory or even more rare and inaccessible area from the coldest place to the very hot one. Not all conditions are perfect but we are dedicated to capture what the earth give us, always in the respect of the environnement.

We provide professional cleaning dialogue (and also any sound source) services for removing imperfections of a sound recordings such as hiss, electronic noise, crackle, flutter, background noise or improving an outdoor audio interview and more.

NOTE : All sound are recorded, designed and mastered by Oddvisionary Studio.
We never use stock or library sound effects but only our own ressources
for a unique expressive sonic story-telling experience and pure
authenticity with the best quality available (96-192Khz / 24-32Bit)


Film Editing & Color Grading

The main flexibility at Oddvisionary Studio is to post-produce a project from the sound to the visual. Using a professional monitor reference, a poweful computer and a 4K high performance color-grading card ready for Ultra HD and DCI 4K formats for film, television, and commercial projects, we provide quality film editing (online/offline) and color grading services.



3DMotionfx is the digital visual effects department of Oddvisionary Entertainment, specializing in Photo-realistic Computer Generated Imagery, Digital Compositing, Motion Design, 3D Animation, Look Development and Concept Design.

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